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JABSONS-Mini Bhakharwadi 160g ::: ミニ バハルワディ


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Product Name:::::::::::::::::MINI BHAKHARWADI (Halal)
Brand Name:::::::::::::::::::::JABSON
Country of Origin:::::::::::INDIA
Net weight:::::::::::::::::::::::::160g
Ingredients::::::::::::::::::::::::Wheat Flour, Refined Pamolein Oil, Edible Vegetable Fat, Moth Flour, Gram Flour, Sugar, Coconut, Iodized Salt, Red Chilly Powder, Saunf, Amchur Powder, Sesame Seed, Clove Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Ginger Powder, Pepper Powder, Big Cardamom, Nutmeg Powder, Mace Powder, Fenugreek Leaves. Ready to eat.
商品名:::::::::::::::::MINI BHAKHARWADI (ハラール)

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Product Description.

This product is made with the finest ingredients and originated from the Jabsons Foods. This quality product from Jabsons Foods is 100% vegetarian and manufactured under hygienic conditions. Our assortment of Jabsons Mini Bhakharwadi is recognized and appreciated for its Light Quality, Crispy and fresh taste. They are prepared in pure quality oil but in minimum quantity keeping the fat content under control. It tastes enormous with any food you have. It carry a small convenient pack to your office and have something to munch on when hungry.

This Snack never lets you down at any Party, Function or even a small Picnic if you let it in your Menu. They are the perfect Snack for your tea time. This way you can balance the sweetness of the tea with something savoury, making it an even better combo!


この製品は最高級の材料で作られ、Jabsons Foods に由来します。 Jabsons Foods のこの高品質な製品は 100% ベジタリアンで、衛生的な条件下で製造されています。 Jabsons Mini Bhakharwadiの品揃えは、その軽い品質、クリスピーで新鮮な味で認められ、高く評価されています.それらは純粋な品質の油で作られていますが、脂肪含有量を制御しながら最小限の量で作られています.どんな料理とも相性抜群です。それはあなたのオフィスに小さな便利なパックを運び、空腹時に食べるものを持っています.


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Weight 160 kg


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