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NASREEN-Mutton Dal Gost :::: マトンダルゴスト


Product Details
Product Name:::::::::MUTTON DAL GOST (Halal)
Brand Name:::::::::::NASREEN
Country of Origin::::PAKISTAN
Net weight:::::::::::275g
Ingredients::::::::::Lentils ,Salt ,Spices ,Cooking Oil ,Vegetables And Some Others Thing According To Individual Test.



Product Description.

Daal Gosht is a delicious, comfort dish prepared out of lamb or mutton that is cooked to a soupy consistency by using a variety of lentils and spices. Dal and spices gives a twist to your usual mutton curry and tastes delicious. Serve the comforting Daal Gosht along with Tawa Paratha.


Daal Goshtは、ラム肉やマトンをさまざまなレンズ豆やスパイスを使ってスープのように調理した、おいしい快適な料理です。ダルとスパイスがいつものマトンカレーにひねりを加えて美味しく召し上がれます。タワパラタと一緒に慰めのダールゴッシュを提供します。


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