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RADHUNI-Macher Masala 100g :::: マッシャーマサラ 100g


Product Details
Product Name:::::::::MACHER MASALA (Halal)
Brand Name:::::::::::RADHUNI
Country of Origin::::BANGLADESH
Net weight:::::::::::100g
Ingredients::::::::::Ingredients: cumin, red chili, ginger, turmeric,
Food value: Calories, carbs, vitamins.

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Product Description.

To enjoy the taste of traditional fish curry you can buy Radhuni Ready Mix Machher Masala 100g. Helps cook every kind of fish.


伝統的な魚のカレーの味を楽しむために、Radhuni Ready Mix MachherMasala100gを購入​​することができます。あらゆる種類の魚を調理するのに役立ちます。


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